About Us

Light52 focuses towards alleviating the world’s most pressing environmental challenges to develop lighting solutions that reduce the operating costs and improve the productivity. They are weaving way into the new era of environment and Mother Nature friendly LED lighting and thus shape the future of the lighting technology.

They are innovators in the LED lighting industry and have a track record of helping business organizations realize the potential business benefits of LED lighting solutions. The company provides a range of high quality and innovative lighting products to assist in a wide variety of projects. The quality of the products promises complete satisfaction.

The use of Led products dramatically drive down the energy cost, associated maintenance cost and carbon footprints that will be evident with traditional lightning solutions.

Light52, supplies a range of high quality LED lighting solutions at very affordable prices. The products assure payback for your investment within the first year, then subsequent years results in savings.

The commercial LED lighting line consists of several solutions to cost effectively replace the conventional lighting fixtures in warehouses, offices, and flood lighting applications saving customers huge amount of money in electrical and replacement expenses.

We assure highest quality LED components that are available using the most latest in LED technologies at very affordable prices. We have the vision of one LED light bulb at one time’. LED lights are available in range of shapes, other specifications and watts.